Friday, June 16, 2006

I do!

So being a service dog, lol (not the Doberman, the Lab on the first post) Luther can come with me where ever I go, and believe me, he goes everywhere I go, weddings no exception!

So this past week, my brother got married! Yep he finally found a sweet girl and is now tied to her for life! I pitty her, lol just kidding Jay! Seriously, the day was amazing and if my wedding is anything like their's then I'll be happy!

There wedding was on Saturday, up in Ottawa, so Luther and I made the treck up that way on the Tuesday before. We went up early to organize my brother's stag party, (flying success) and to basically hang out with friends that I have not seen for quite a while. Note to all travellers, taking that damn Greyhound, is probably the most boring form of travel known to man and dog!

Anyway my big SlabofLab was soooooooooo good, and believe me when I say that. I have a very high standard ffor him, being a dog trainer makes this a fact I guess, but he being the gentleman that he is, lived up to my heightened expectations and then some.

I wish he really knew how much he means to me. I know he knows that I love him and stuff, but I doubt he knows that I would do anything to make him happy if I could. With him its a case of his basic needs being met and he seems happy enough.

Anyway at the wedding there was 136 people at the ceremony and at dinner, which was held at a lodge about a half hour out of Ottawa. Lu being the consimet professional that he is, minded his own business, did his best to please me and believe me when there's 136 people all eating, in a relatively small environment, temptations are aboundless! Needless to say, out of the entire 136 people that came, Luther was the only 4-legged beast amidst the throng of people and yes he even had his little bow tie, I'll try to get a pic of that.

After dinner the dancing and drinking began in grand style! Luther does not do to well in loud environments, so I put him in a side room where he would not be disturbed and proceeded to fulfill my "best man" duties ahahaha. By the end of the night, both Lu and I were glad to hit the pillow, after one heck of a good day!


Blogger Little Johnny said...

Thought I'd be the first to comment on my own site. Great post Jon!

6:21 AM  
Blogger Jess and Jetta said...

I'll be the second...very nice. Since when do you blog?

1:29 PM  
Blogger Little Johnny said...

I've had the account for a while, just never got around to activating it.

8:04 AM  

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