Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ever try running in 40 degree weather?

If you're stupid enough to have done this, then have the decency to welcome me to your club!

So a friend of mine came down today and we ran a workout together. He is just getting back into proper training, so his fitness is not were it used to be, meaning that for the workout that we did today, he did most of it, but not all of it, and not at the pace that I was going at.

Anyway needless to say, I now have a headache, I'm super tired, and before you say it, I am hydrated, having downed in total, 12 litre bottles of water and counting! Lesson learned for me I guess. Funny thing is, there is an inside track not 5 minutes from where we ran:)


Blogger Dr. A said...

Been there and done that. Most (if not all) my friends are more fit than I am. I think that I can hang with them and then collapse when the workout is finished. You'd think I'd learn by now. But, no....

10:21 PM  
Blogger Little Johnny said...

Lol, my friend is very competitive, hates losing at anything. I think I am the same way. Its good because being competitive at something makes you wanna be better than anybody else, and if you have that thought driving you, it is not as bad to handle those aweful workouts cause you know that it is for a good cause:)

6:16 AM  
Blogger Jess and Jetta said...

Except sometimes hydration and health are more important than being competitive. lol Don't get me wrong, I'm competitive, but no forty degree weather for me. :)

5:14 PM  

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