Thursday, June 22, 2006

Getting to know me....

I know there is a song that has that above line in it, if anybody knows what its actually called, put my damn mind at rest please!

Anyway, continuing down the "getting to know me path" I thought I'd share with my sparse audience what I am currently doing for a living.

After going to school for Social work, only to find out that listening to other people's problems was not my idea of fun, I decided to persue what has always been a dream of mine, working with animals. Believe me, I do not mean to belittle anybody working in the social service field, without you, who knows where the world would be!

I took an animal care program, and am now in the process of setting up my own dog training business, which in itself, has taken a turn or two:

In order to help fund start up costs, costs that any young aspiring entrepreneur
will know all too well, I applied for a government start up grant. One part of dealing with any facet of the Canadian and I'm sure any other government, is the amount of green tape one must wallow through to get anything accomplished, me no exception! That said, I have passed the first 3 stages of the application and am now waiting for the final review before I can expect to receive my funding which will be used to purchase relative items of necessity that I need.

In the meantime, I have been setting up my business web site, something else that has come as a learning experience for me. HTML, coding, directory submitting, article writing, logo design, blah blah blah blah! I tell ya its enough to make one's head spin, if not totally fall off!!

Anyway, I cruised around the web, comparing sites that offered information pertaining to dogs that I could take notes from; (well that looks neat, hmmmm dont like the look of that, hmmmm how the hell do you do that?) and so on, and so on...

Anybody starting a business of their own, needs to do what they can to stick out from the rest of the bunch; there maybe a hundred icecream trucks on your block, but if your the only one that sells sugar cones, your set, right? Right!

In all my internet cruising, I came across millions of dog sites; dog training, dog health, dog foods, dog toys, dog beds, so on and so on..... But what I did not find, was any site catoring to the needs of dog and dog owner, hmmmmm...

By now your probably getting the point of my incessent ramble, and if not then I'm sorry for putting you to sleep, during my little wanna-be self-employment shpeel.

With the above facts in mind, my site Health Information For Dog and Owner was born. It consists of two main sections, one of which is devoted to everything dog, the other, the most recent addition devoted to everything dog owner.

My site has grown very quickly and due to this fact, updating it with daily content has become quite difficult. I guess this is a good thing right? Finding time to focus my attention on continuing to add information to one section is hard to do, because there are so many sections that I need to continuously update. I am actually in the process of hiring somebody to help me do all of this fun stuff. Now who would've thought that?

Your probably asking yourself, so ok, he has an awesome site, but how does he earn from it?

Many people have asked this question and explaining it to them is not easy due to the fact that the majority of them are not computer people. Heck I am not a computer person either, so I guess that comment sounded pretty stupid coming from me.

I sell ad space on the site. Companies wanting to have their ads shown on my site pay for space, and in return I give it to them. The companies that advertise must advertise products that people coming to my site will be interested in reading more about. Kinda defeats the purpose if I have xbox360 ads running on a dog and dog owner health blog right? Right!

So my site has been running since October of 2005, and has gone from seeing 10 visits per day to approximately 5k per day which is where it is currently at. Economicly, this translates for me right now into anywhere from 60 per day and up, which is just fine for me as that translates into a modest but sufficient monthly income.

Up is the only way that I am looking right now. I have lots to learn regarding this web stuff, and my main dog and dog owner blog will only continue to grow as more and more dog lovers find it! Once I finally receive my start up grant, finding time to work on the blog will be virtually impossible for me to do, so finding a quality staff that I can trust is kind of my main goal right now.

I've been writing this post for such a long time now, that I feel the urge to end it with a "and now the moral of the story is...." but I wont do that. I've rambled on long enough, dont ya think?


Blogger Steve said...

I think the song you're talking about there is called Getting To Know You, and I might be wrong, but I think it was from The King and I. Hope you can rest now.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Little Johnny said...

*sleep* lol!

6:40 AM  
Blogger Jess and Jetta said...

Can you teach a "free spirit" kind of dog and owner to be able to agree enough that the dog comes back? lol Good luck finding staff. I'd help, but my computer skills are much worse than yours.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Little Johnny said...

with patients, you can teach a dog just about anything

1:36 PM  

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