Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dog Health

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Funny dog home video

So I have a habit of cross posting anything funny from my dog blog to my own personal blog. This is a home video of my dog and my friend's dog basically doing what dogs love to do. I hope you like it. It is visual for those who cant see it so watch it with somebody who can describe stuff to ya.

All I can say is, never trust a blind mofo with a video camera

You may, or may not need to download some small programs before this will work. If you get a download prompt, you can download what you need; here
and here

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Going for number 4

So on Friday I am going for my 4th tattoo. I think I have a slight problem when it comes to these things, maybe I need some sort of addiction therapy I dunno. Yes I'm still working on getting pics of my other three and will put them up if and when I get them.

Best Dog Ever

I got an email yesterday from somebody asking me to post pics of myself. Believe me I'd like to do that, but people who I ask to take my picture say that they don't wanna break their camera lens in the process! Lol I'll work on getting a good pic of myself, you can gaze in awe at my dawg for now.

End of racing season

So August marks the last month of the 2006 racing season for me. Although I have easily made standards to go to worlds which are being held in Holland in September, only so many athletes can go, and since I am the newest to arrive on the international front, and the team already has athletes on it that have never gone before, some one's gotta be left out right?

Anyway I am in no position to complain about the season I have had. After pulling my groin last summer I was not even sure if I'd be able to run 100% ever. For those who don't know what its like to have a pulled groin, just ask some one who does:( I've PBed at almost every meet I've ran in, crushed world standards, and set my self up for a great fall and winter training season.

Many people have asked me within the last 5 months how I was able to get so fast so quickly. I am not part of a club, and prefer that as I seem to train better by myself, than I do when with other people. Being visually impaired, people find this kind of odd due to me not being able to see where the hell I'm going.

I train at the W. Ross Mcdonald School which, A is probably one of the few reasons I am living here, and, B which is probably one of Brantford's more prominant landmarks being built like 130 years ago. They have an indoor and outdoor track facility there which is designed to allow for visually impaired people to use it. They also have a state of the art gym which it seems like I'm the only one that uses it, something else that I am not complaining about.

So I train there probably 4 to 5 times a week. Its been really hot this summer so finding time to go when I am not likely to pass out from heat exhaustion is kinda at a premium.

I also run trail runs. Brantford has a lot of trails around it, some are nice and others are just overgrown and not maintained. Anyway part of my problem as a visually impaired sprinter, is that I am fast, to fast for people to run with me:) Friends of mine all have bikes so 1 or two times a week, they'll just take their bikes out on those trails and I will run with them. Lol there is no better feeling than running past somebody on their bike who is going the same way your going:) I'm pretty sure we must get some stupid looks from cyclists as we fly by them. Good runners will tell you that they experience something called the "runner's high." Its a specific feeling that is provided by endorphins that are released by the body during a workout, and it is probably one of the best feelings one person can ever have.

So now that my racing season is coming to an end, I will be taking some time off to simply let my legs have a break. I have ran the past 8 months straight, and could use a break. A camp that I worked at last summer, the home of the dreaded groin pull incident, asked me if I'd be interested in volunteering up there for the month of September as they are short staff, and I'm thinking that that would be a perfect excuse for me not to run lol. A lot of friends of mine will probably be there for that month also so I will probably end up going.

All right this thing is long enough. I'm not usually one to ramble on about stuff, maybe Im just weird I dunno, people have told me that I am so who knows...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

For anybody who appreciates raw talent

Anybody who appreciates musical ability should check this out:

Awesome Playing

Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Canada day!

So for all Canadians out there, tomorrow is our great country's birthday. Seeing as I am not originally Canadian, do not ask me how old she is cause I dont have the foggiest clue! Lol. Shame on me.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ever try running in 40 degree weather?

If you're stupid enough to have done this, then have the decency to welcome me to your club!

So a friend of mine came down today and we ran a workout together. He is just getting back into proper training, so his fitness is not were it used to be, meaning that for the workout that we did today, he did most of it, but not all of it, and not at the pace that I was going at.

Anyway needless to say, I now have a headache, I'm super tired, and before you say it, I am hydrated, having downed in total, 12 litre bottles of water and counting! Lesson learned for me I guess. Funny thing is, there is an inside track not 5 minutes from where we ran:)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ontario will be expanding its organ donation pool to include organs from heart attack victims

A report reveals that the province of Ontario will be the first Canadian province to start using organs from people who succumb to heart attacks to benefit others. Previously, organs were only taken from patients who were declared braindead, and will increase the organ pool tremendously.

The current guidelines will allow for kidney transplants only, but lung and liver transplants will not be far behind. Currently, statistics show that 1800 Canadians are on the list for an organ transplant.

The Trillium Gift of Life Network, the provincial agency in charge of organ and tissue donations, will be making the official announcement today in the city of Ottawa.